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Lucas’s WoW Leveling Guide(Free Trial)

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My number one rated wow leveling guide has got to be Lucas’s Warcraft Guides because of their super-fast leveling times and amazingly easy to use features. Other competitors like Dugi and Zygor Guides are well made guides but just cannot complete with the leveling speed of Lucas’s Guides. Lucas’s Warcraft Guides also offers many different products not just in-game leveling guides, they also have in-game profession guides, daily quest guides, gold making guides, talent guides, mount guides and more. I personally used their gold guide and made 19,000g in just one day! Lucas’s Warcraft Guides also updates their guides constantly and has excellent customer support. See below some more interesting features of Lucas’s WoW Leveling Guide:

List of Features:

  • 100% In-Game World of Warcraft Leveling Guide
  • Optimized Questing Path Allows For Fastest Possible Leveling Speed
  • Always updated for recent patches
  • Syncs Guide With Pre-leveled characters, Heirlooms, Dungeons, And Recruit-A-Friend
  • Built In Waypoint Arrow so there is no need for TomTom
  • Automatic Installer so you don’t have to figure out how to install the guides
  • Guaranteed to NOT get you banned because it complies with Blizzard Addon Policies
  • Free Lifetime Updates for all guides

List of BONUS:

  • In-Game Talent Build Guides
  • All in One WOW Leveling Zones
  • In-Game Profession Leveling Guides
  • In-Game Daily Quest Guides
  • Mount Collection Guide
  • In-Game World Event Guides


Zygor Guides
Rating: 9.1/10

Features: 5
Ease Of Use: 5
Effectiveness: 4
Customer Support:


2. Zygor’s WoW Leveling Guide
Zygor’s WoW Leveling Guide is another one of the best WoW Leveling Guide. The best thing about Zygor’s Guide is that it has separate versions for horde and alliance but don’t be amazed to know that both the WoW Leveling Guides consist of more than 300 pages. Here’s Some Bonuses! In addition of WoW Leveling Guide, Zygor’s guide contains a Map Add-on which will make the quest simpler and you will easily locate the hidden treasures as well. It’s not just enough as you will also get a “38 pages” Mini Gold Guide so you may get an adequate amount of gold while you advance through 85 levels. Do you think it was enough? Read below what more you are getting as bonus! You are getting 3 more bonuses along Zygor’s WoW Leveling Guide i.e. Nether Drake Mount Guide, Death Knight Class Guide and Profession Leveling Guide. Wow that’s Too Much Now! Isn’t It?

List of Features:

  • Level 1-85 World of Warcraft Leveling Guide
  • 100% In-game WOW Leveling Zones List
  • 38 Page Mini Gold Guide
  • Death Knight Class Guide
  • Nether Drake Mount Guide
  • Profession Guide
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Team iDemise
Rating: 8.5/10

Features: 5
Ease Of Use:
Customer Support: 3
3. Team iDemise’s WoW Leveling Guide
iDemise was the first in-game WoW Leveling Guide which brought a revolution in the race of WoW Leveling Guide Creators as now you didn’t need to press Alt + Tab all the time when you need to consult the guide rather you could get it in the game while playing. Though it was considered the best WoW Leveling Guide of that time but it should not be your best choice now. Why it’s so, read below some facts! iDemise was recommended in various articles and posts so a lot of people bought this guide but then the fact was revealed that all those articles and the reviews were posted before the publishing date of this WoW Leveling guide means it was nothing but a marketing strategy. Anyhow, iDemise wasn’t less than any WoW Leveling Guide of that time. It can guide you still but not as much as you are required now to be succeeded in the game.

List of Features:

  • A Complete 1-85 in-game leveling Guide
  • Questup
  • Optimized WOW Leveling Zones
  • In-game Way point System

Level Fast and Easy With a World of Warcraft Horde Leveling Guide

This article will now help you little more on searching tips and guides of Horde Leveling of WOW. If you are deciding to increase the WOW level game, a precise leveling of Horde of WOW is what you need. The WOW game is the most popular game wherein role playing is involved in the scene. It is not just a simple and easy game, so a World of War craft Horde Leveling tips and guide may help you to go through the quest.

Imperative tips and suggestion on perking up your WOW must be obtained in the said guide. It will help you to increase the level of your quest. It is amazing and exciting to play the WOW.

Having the knowledge of how to play the game may still help you on how imperative to have tips on Horde. So avoid thinking that the game, WOW, is very easy to overcome because it is powerful game which does not assure you to evaluate all the facts to have a comfortable sail adventure. With the guide of WOW Horde leveling war craft, may assist you to manage the game very well. It also maintains your assets and responsibilities into methods that are very efficient and improved. Having wits with you will help you to pass all the countless adventure levels in the cycle of the adventure and also increase the destroying ability to the enemies. It also gives a confidence to do your best in playing and hard work to complete the game and be a winner.

You need to keenly evaluate the guide of HRDE LEVELLING before obtain the world of Warcraft. It will help you to get ensure that it really offers details that you need specifically. It provides help in farming gold, improvement of character and/or experience gaining. But you need to keep in mind that the most imperative thing is to have a guide or tips that is great to increase the requirements. You must not feel sorry when you obtain World of Warcraft tips because it will provide you faster methods of those many levels and soon see yourself as a champion. After deciding to obtain and purchase a guide of HORDE LEVELING, you should also purchase with it all the acts of terms of add on rules of the Blizzards.

There are only some that act of terms with Blizzards with their new add-ons rules even though there are lots of available guides in the Internet. You must ensure that you purchase the secured one. Try now the newest leveling Warcraft guide now for a week then go back to put some comments on the things that you have found. So have a good luck and reach the 80 first levels!

The perfect directions for leveling the quest must include some videos as well as point of ways to obtain lost and show the way to seize. So try now and have the First 80 level! Enjoy, have some rest and try this game with Horde leveling Guide.